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If your company relies on government business, you must have heard of tenders. To bid requires specialist services that not everyone can do. Learning the art of tendering takes years of training. Does your company need help with tenders? At TenderAgents we are your outsourced solution. We work on a retainer or an ad-hoc basis to suit you.

What We

Tender Management

If you submit a few tenders a year, we can provide this service on a retained or consultancy basis. We will go through your tender and discuss with your team the approach and all the bidding requirements.

Tender Strategy Consulting

Many companies miss business opportunities. Often they do not have a quick response strategy, or their tendering strategy does not work. We can develop a strategy that will improve your response time to business opportunities.

Business Development

We can help you with the marketing and business development of your company to develop strategies that get your company more work. We also identify potential JV partners or sub-consultants for specific tenders and assist in drafting of JV contracts.

Tender Staff Support

When you bid team needs a little bit of extra assistance, we can provide you with Tender Managers, Tender Administrators, Business Development Administrators, on a part-time or interim basis – for exactly the length of time you need them.

Delivery of Tender Documents

What if you wish a tender to be delivered on your behalf? You can address the courier companies to courier to us and we will submit on your behalf. Unlike courier companies, we will wait and ensure that your tender document is read out (if opening is done) and ensure that we record the prices quoted by other companies.

Collection of Tender Documents

We will gladly collect the tender documents on your behalf and deliver the original documents by courier. If your business is based in Johannesburg, we will gladly deliver the documents to your office. We also scan and send the document while you are waiting for the original document to be delivered.

Tender Briefing Attendance

We will attend the compulsory or a non-compulsory tendering briefing on your behalf and send you the notes and recordings of the briefing session. Where we can, we will send you the attendance register. If you wish us to only to sign the attendance register, we can also do that.

JOB Training

We provide on the job training to your staff members on all areas related to tendering and business development. We oversee the quality of outputs of the staff in the Tender Division with respect to tender and panel preparation.


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The Benefits to your

As a company relying on acquiring business by submitting tenders, you need to ensure that your tenders meet all the requirements. This may be easy for small tenders, but things become complicated for large multi-million tenders. TenderAgents will ensure: